About Master Maria

Master Maria Sunukjian is a spiritual teacher and counselor. Currently she is teaching an international teleclass on opening spiritual channels. She taught a Power of Soul class in the Spring of 2009 in Scotia, NY and is continuing to offer the Power of Soul class in Albany.

Master Maria has been a long time student of the soul and now is passing the wisdom of these teachings on to assist those who are interested in relevant knowledge to expedite their soul journey. She teaches students experientially about accessing Divine Light and energy in all kinds and levels of souls around us to use for personal, spiritual and physical transformation. This includes healing emotional and physical conditions, rejuvenation and the healing of humanity and Mother Earth. 

Through her ability of direct soul communication she can access the Akashic Record and make information available to those who ask and want to use information from their Akashic Records to further their spiritual development. Master Maria is a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist and social work administrator.

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